Te Arawa Fisheries secures first international market for Hī mussels

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Te Arawa Fisheries’ premium Hī mussels have officially gone international, making it on to the shelves in Sydney’s seafood wholesale and retail business, Seaboss.

Hosted by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), Seafood Manager Anthony Palmer and Business Analyst Tamaaio Stewart recently travelled to Sydney to ensure the first shipment of infused and marinated Hī mussels arrived without fault, and to explore other business opportunities in this new market.

While there, NZTE confirmed there is strong demand in Australia for green-lipped mussels as they are uncommon and can only be imported from New Zealand.

Australian mussels are typically blue-lipped, which tend to be small and strong in flavour, whereas green-lipped mussels are light, plump and have a mild, fresh taste.

This gives Hī a competitive edge and we are exploring ways to ensure this selling point is clearly reflected in our packaging and marketing.

Anthony and Tamaaio also focused on building relationships with retailers, wholesalers and other key players in the sector and will continue to foster these relationships now they are back on New Zealand soil. 

With a population of 6 million, our successful entry into Sydney more than doubles the current market reach of Hī and puts us in good stead to pursue other international markets in the near future.