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We are thrilled to announce Nicole Pakau has accepted a new role as Innovation and Technology Officer within the Te Arawa Fisheries Group.

Nicole joined us as the Te Arawa Mahi Operations Co-ordinator earlier this year and has pioneered the introduction of a suite of new online technologies, making the business more efficient and competitive.

Nicole’s progression into this new role comes as Te Arawa Fisheries faces a rapidly changing operating arena.

This change has been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, which is shaking conventional business models domestically and globally, as well as climate change, which is making a seismic impact on every aspect of global, domestic and local supply chains.

Our response to this is to position Te Arawa Fisheries to be more efficient and responsive to consumer trends and demands while reducing our environmental impact and preserving and enhancing Māori culture and traditions.

We will achieve this by using a combination of science and research, as well as innovation and technology through new product development and digital technologies.

Te Arawa Fisheries wholeheartedly congratulates Nicole on this fantastic career opportunity and we are excited to see this new role develop.