Hī mussels filling gap in Samoan market

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Combining our diverse connections and business nous, Te Arawa Fisheries has secured regular containers to Samoa for our  mussels. 

Hī is poised to become the preferred brand for our Samoan brothers and sisters with a gap in their market for premium mussel products.

We already have a firm foothold in our domestic market, allowing Te Arawa Fisheries to focus on exploring and entering new international markets, which will, in turn, result in more benefits for our whānau at home.

Our entry into Samoa has been helped by long-term, existing relationships between our team and wholesalers in the Pacific. 

So far, we have delivered two containers to Samoa and we are committed to a long-term export relationship.

We also hope that with our successful entry into Samoa, it will open doors to export Hī mussels into other Pacific nations.